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45-Year Old Home Brewed Strawberry Wine

This is a strawberry wine brewed by my parents’ neighbors’ parents in 1971. I’ve been sitting on this one for probably five years, and decided to bust it open to see what it tasted like. 

The cap actually had a cork seal, which was surprising. The cork had of course eroded.

After pouring it into a French press to filter out the yeast sediment and cork and who-knows-what-else, the color turned from a transparent, tea-like brown to the dark brown color you see above. 

The aroma was distinctly and pleasantly strawberry. There were hints of rubbing alcohol, as well.

The taste was complex. I had a hard time separating what I tasted from what I thought I should have tasted from a 45-year old wine. I went back for sip after sip to sort things out in my mind. The first sip was a not unpleasant strawberry and booze surprise.  A dozen confounding sips later, I determined that I tasted rust and oxidation, and that became my last sip.


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